Thursday, May 12, 2005

CPJL: Making all the People Come Together

The CPJL wants to keep this bastion of Cleveland Park friendliness separate from the rest of their stunted lives.

So, uh: sweet, honey-covered Jesus, we just went and did something we said we'd never do. We started a real goddamn blog. Look to yer right.

It's not like we're giving up all the hopes and dreams we've invested in the CPMC. Please keep both sites bookmarked (we're unabashed internets attention whores), and we'll keep both updated to the best of our abilities.

"Abilities" meaning until we find jobs that keep us more occupied.

Monday, May 09, 2005

CPJL: Attended Dinosaur Gold Cup Instead

We're sorry we missed you all at Dino Gold Cup.

We didn't get a chance to don any plaid, or pink & green ensembles, but at least we broke out the kickass hats.

The Governess poses with her pick to win.

Cheek to cheek: dino sorority style

The Duchess gets attacked in an unfortunate julep brawl.

Dino Gold Cup traditions: the bloodening.

We'll see you next year at Dino Gold Cup!